What's TechFit about?

Technology is not anymore just for geeks who don't leave their basement! The Tech-Leaders of tomorrow are competitive, active, highly driven! But whether you work in Tech Sales, Development, UI/UX or Recruitment - the Technology sector is one of the most demanding fields there is. 40+ hours in front of the computer, and new competitors popping up by the hour, this field demands peak performance!

We believe that in order to consistently deliver peak performance, you need to be FIT! TechFit is more than just your average employee health program - it is a community to drive growth! 

3 Pillars of TechFit


Everything starts with actual fitness. Your physical health is the foundation of everything! 


Working in Tech can be stressful! A strong mind can avoid burnout, and set yourself up for creating a true go-getter mentality!


Everything in life is selling! Modern tech-leaders need to be able to present themselves and their ideas properly - set yourself up for success!

Move Your Paws

TechFit Málaga is committed to help the ones that can't help themselves. There are many benefits of having a pet in your life, from stress relieve to keeping you active! But most of all, they love unconditionally - a they are role models for being alive! Especially when working in a high-stress environment, having someone that loves you no matter what can be a game- changer! That's why we are supporting the local shelters. 10% of all proceeds go to projects of the Protectora Málaga

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