Because Málaga is too beautiful to spend time indoors

This is TechFit


Efficient HIIT outdoor workouts during the week and on weekends


Get to know like-minded people from in your industry. Tech People of Málaga unite!  You may find your next job, business partner or best friend here


20+ nationalities mixed with locals. Practice your English, or improve your Spanish

Enjoy the sun

320 sunny days in Málaga. Enjoy the sun while working out 😎 


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What our Members say

“When I first arrived in Málaga, I tried it all - MeetUps, Gym, Language Exchanges. But I never went more than once or twice as i never found them engaging. Right from the beginning, I felt like part of the community at the TechFit bootcamp. Some of the people I met there are now my closest friends, and Málaga has become home!”

Larry Oxley

Account Executive -

“Málaga has a booming tech start-up scene. Many of them go through similar ups and downs, and it’s great to connect them beyond Demium with other leaders in the industry. ”

Julien de Waal

Head of Incubation -Demium

“I spend a lot of time at the office, and juggling a social life and going to the gym can be hard. One of them usually falls short. With TechFit, I get to be outside, shake off the dust from 8 hours at the office, and meet with some friends from a similar work background"

Rosa Gomez de Tejada

Project Manager - Oracle Digital EMEA

"Coming to Málaga is a dream for a lot of top-talent in Europe. But they often leave because they never really plant roots here. TechFit gives them an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, make new friends, and make Málaga their forever-home.”

Ana Lainez

Talent Specialist - Ravenpack

Move your Paws

TechFit wants to help the ones that can't help themselves. Part of all proceeds collected are going to support the local shelter



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